Friday, May 2, 2008

Week in a Nutshell!

What can I say? Another week has come and gone and I've yet to post anything! Can you tell how far behind I'd be *IF* I did scrapbooks for my kids? Again, I'll try to nutshell the week! FWIW - my computer is not wanting to accept any downloads from my digital camera - so the photos posted won't be current.

OK - Skelly & Uncle Don arrived at 6a on Sat. morning. They slept till noon-30 and got up and shot ball with the kids. Don and I talked Soccer Talk for most of the time, trying to catch me up to speed with what we could be looking at with Grace and her soccer talents! ohmigosh.... mind boggling! We had a great time with them and can't wait to see Skelly at one (or more of his games!)

Baseball season started with Charlie. Mind you, he's still 7 - and playing on a machine-pitched 9-11yo team! He's still the best one on the team - and the smallest! Such a natural athlete. First game canx due to rain - freezing rain! He had another game on Thurs & they won 21-19! He went 4 for 5 and crushed the ball each time! The crowd loves him cuz he's so dang cute and he grins ALL THE TIME!

Charlie also lost a tooth (can we say that Grace did a repeat from her younger years of busting out Hannah's teeth!) G & C love to bang the soccer ball around in the basement and she threw an elbow that landed square in his mouth! Needless to say, the tooth went black in 2 days and I got to pull another tooth!

Charlie also turned 8 this week! Big excitement!!! Since he was 4 he has wanted a skateboard. Each year he'd remind me "4y until I turn 8 and get a skateboard! 3y til I turn 8.... 2y til... 1y... and now I'm 8 and I should get my skateboard!" So - Don asks what we're getting him for his bday - and I say - a skateboard! Can you believe, Don absolutely freaks out! He does NOT want this child owning a skateboard because he'll bust his head wide open! (I'm thinkin' if anything happens, he'll break an arm instead!) So, he drills me about getting him a helmet and pads and the whole works. Now, let me explain - we are NOT Anal Annie parents! If the kids want to climb a 50' tree - they climb it. If they want to swim to the middle of the pond, they swim. If they want to ride the dirtbike, horse, whatever.... they do it! (ok... they do wear helmets for the dirtbike & the horse) - but they DON'T wear them for their bikes or scooters or anything else! Needless to say - he does not have any skateboard gear!

Yes - Dory really almost ended up in the freezer! The meat wagon was on our street and kept driving by... thank you honey for calling them off! The poll was a joke - but after the umpteenth time of her getting out - I had it! and I think Don had it with me calling him at work and me threatening to get out my .45 to blow her away!

We're waiting for the momma duck to hatch her first clutch of ducklings! Pix when this occurs!

And to round off the week... I'll make a second post because it needs its own title!

Thx for being patient with me... I'm even farther behind in posting on my other blog... but once soccer and baseball season are over - I'll be better... ps... we do year-round school, so I won't be *that* current, but hopefully better!

Enjoy your life folks! It's the only one you get in the physical sense!

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