Monday, May 5, 2008

I Won!

I won a blog naming contest at The Sweet Spot ! This is only the 2d contest I've ever one!


My dearest friend, Aimee, has a friend Brandi that is getting a blog make-over. And part of the blog make-over entails a new name! So, I threw in my $0.02 worth and came up with "A Splash of Brandi". My sweetie pie, Don, not to be outdone, came up with: "Brandi's Whine" and got placed as an honorable mention! woo - hoo! I guess you can say that with a life filled with 4 chillin's we-be-funny! Yes - my family - and - my friends - Ms. Anal Annie aka Cheri - does have a sense of humor! Proven by winning a major naming right of Brandi's blog! : )

OK - for reals. If you're searching for that all encompassing blog name - look no further! ha

And when you're looking for that awesome blog make-over - look no further than:

(So, I tried to upload her blog button pix - and it didn't work - this time - but I'm out of time to play with it... can you say - soccer practice for 4 kids AND a baseball game for 1 of them AND toting our sweet little baby that we watch AND making it to Pizza Hut to share a common bday with my friend's girl, Hannah & Charlie!!! Of course, all of this done without my loving hubby who is working late tonight in the Ville.)

and ps..
I must say that I got a blog make-over by Shauna. She did my header pix with the wording and font! Isn't it great!?!

So - go visit her because she's really expanded her business and has so many cute options one can include to spruce up that boring looking blog!


Sarah said...

Congratulations! Great blog name by the way...I like it!

Casey said...

SWEET!!! Congrats to you for winning :)
Enjoy your bracelet. I saw she can make some pretty ones. You know, when I have spare time (which will be the 2nd Monday of next week) I want to start making jewlery and then maybe selling it. Aunt Jan, help!!! I've decided thats going to be my next hobby.

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

sarah - love your new photo you have up !!!!

happiness is wedded bliss!

casey - good luck w/ the jewelry thang! hannah loves to do it too!

ciao for now

Brandi said...

By the way Cheri...thanks so much for the rocking blog name!!! I am so excited for my blog to be made over and for it to feature my new name. Also, thank your hubby for his entry too. Very clever you two!