Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things: Part VII

This one is too cute! It comes from Charlie - boy!

While we were homeschooling the other day, Charlie was learning measurements of time and length, etc.

Here's a sample of the fill-in-the-blank:

24 hours = 1 Day
2 cups = 1 pint
7 days = 1 week
365 days = 1 year
12 mos = 1 year
12 inches = 1 ________

Nope! It does not equal "1 foot"! According to Charlie, 12 inches = 1 ruler!

I think that's pretty clever and is truly a sign of genius!

Charlie's crop of cucumbers from last year!

Me and my kiddos!

Mommy & Daddy w/ Charlie for his 8th B-day!

Toothless - Charlie!


Casey said...

I love it!!! :) Dad was telling us that story the other night. We took him our for his B-day and Mom & GG for Mothers Day. Since we weren't able to join in on Mothers day with everyone else.

Love all your pictures. Thanks for sticking them up there. :) Mine are up, did you see? I finally downloaded the camera pic. to this computer. Still working on transferring pic from the other computer to CD's.

Stick more up as I go along. Although most of those are when she was a tiny thing.

Love you- can't wait to see you, but not for the reason why.

Becky K said...

Hi Cheri. I found you via Casey's blog. Your kids are getting so big I can't believe it. I hope all is well it sounds like it is and it sounds wonderful where you all live.

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

I know - don't kids come up w/ the funniest sayings!! You're still going to have to help me remember the girls... prompt me on the 'no, me' story of Grace's! I can hear her say it, but I just can't remember what went along w/ it!

2 bits, 4 bits, 12 bits a ruler!

KCAimee said...

Awesome pix Chermo! My kids are excited at the prospect of a trip to see you guys. I'll call you next week so we can chat about possible dates.

Big Bear Hugs!!