Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Win!

Just for Charlie's scrapbook, aka this blog, we will record that his baseball team is now 4-1! Tonight, bottom of the 6th and final inning, he's the lead off batter. He hits a single... and eventually after subsequent hits by teammates he makes it to 3d by sliding in! (yah - more laundry for mom!) Needless to say it was a close call and the ump called him SAFE! So - game ended when they were still rallying - but we were up by 2 at that point! 10-8!

Sorry - will attach a baseball pix later!

Chachie - you're so cute out there... the smallest and youngest player on the team! But the one with the biggest grin... and the biggest heart!

Love ya kiddo - mom


Casey said...

As Mama Sue would say, "Come on Charlie. Come on Charlie. Come on Charlie!!! GOOOO Charlie go!!!" and saying it the loudest.
I am so excited for you :)
Sorry that I am missing it. Next time we are all together, we will all have to play Baseball!!! :) Kids against parents. Now that will be fun. Or we could play kick ball.
LOVE YOU, Miss you, Hope to see you soon.
Love Aunt Casey, uncle Froto, and cuz Ellie :)

KCAimee said...

Oh man, I wish Charlie could play on our team...that would be so much fun!