Saturday, May 24, 2008

Catch of the Day: Part I

Just wanting to put up the "Catch of the Day!" I've gone thru the bin of photos and here's some great fishin' pix with the ones that didn't get away! I'll continue to add more as the days allow!

Charlie - with dinner!

Kellar - with dinner! Of course, we had to eat his

first big catch!

When my folks were here, Papa pulled a huge joke

on Charlie, acting as if he'd pulled in a big one! Charlie ran

out to the pond, faster than the wind, and learned the truth

that it was a 'stuffed pillow fish!'

Cousin Zach with his first catch out of the pond!

Cousin TanTan - with a winner!

1 comment:

Casey said...

That was so funny about Papa and little Charlie. I wish I had that on camera. :) Love the pictures of all the kids and the boys catch of the day. What a great time that was. Can't wait to do it next year. I am thinking in the Fall though- I desperately want to see the leaves change. One season I have never seen (or experience). ha ha ha :)