Friday, May 16, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things Part IV

What's the difference between a "Concession Stand" and a "Concussion Stand"???

Not much, if you're an "ein - - hi - - mer"!

Our weekends are filled with sporting events in which there is invariably a concession stand in the near vicinity. Our boys are often heard yelling out, "Can we go to the *Concussion Stand*?"

No - they're not going there to get their heads knocked around, nor are they headed there for any butt-kickin'. What they are looking for is a yummy ring pop or Starburst or hot chocolate these spring days. Oh - and of course, one can't forget to mention Krispie Kreme donuts while limited supplies are available! {If they weren't such natural athletes, I'd begin to wonder if they didn't play sports, just so they could dig up some change and run off to the Concussion Stands!}

So, can anyone tell me why it's warm all week long, but as soon as Friday night rolls around, it's so cold and windy and rainy? Guess we're not in Arizona anymore!*

*Disclaimer... I'm the only one who thinks it's cold... 37y of desert dwelling has made my blood so thin that I just cannot warm up! So, while I'm dressed up in many thick layers, others are running about in shorts & Ts!

So, if you can't find us on the fields - check out the Concussion Stands!


KCAimee said...

Nachos (with jalapenos of course) and Icees from the "Concussion Stand" are one of the best parts of being a baseball Mom for me!

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

can't kids come up with the funniest things! we were all psyched when our "Concussion Stand" dropped Coke products and now we have our own fridge that we can fill with whatever we want! Like DR. PEPPER!!!! FINALLY!!!! thx Ang!