Thursday, July 31, 2008


OK... so I promised in a prior post to upload a pix of the Corn Hole game.... or Cornhole.... however it's written. There are 2 of these boards and 2 sets of 4 bean bags... object is to toss the bean bag into the corn hole.... cornhole.... kornhole..... kornwhole... I guess points are assigned... and the fun of it is to design a fun, colorful board and some whacky bean bags.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Pig Roast Pix

1st Annual Pig Roast a la Cas Crew

We'll after much excitement and chatter... and perhaps squealing of the pig, we had our 1st Annual Pig Roast. Don was declared a master griller! and is now recovering from smoke inhalation! We call it the "Kirsty Ally voice" w/ that deep husky bravado that she's got going on... well, that's Don for the time being.

We had 82 ppl show up for the event - 1/2 from church and 1/2 from the community! The pond shore line was filled w/ anglers hoping to catch the "Pig of the Pond" as we fondly call our huge porker of a bass! He and his bros have been caught and released many a times!

There was canoeing and eating and fishing and eating and corn hole (ok all you non-southerners... I hope I got a pix to put up, so you can get a visual on it... nope... so, I'll have to google one and put it up), and eating and basketball and eating and socializing and eating and still having 2 huge pans full of pork... and that was only 1/2 a pig.

Anyway - thx to all who made it a blast... and hopefully more of you can make it next year... we plan to do it in June... when it's cooler!
Blogger won't allow me to put up the last few photos... there's 30 below... so, the newest post will have the rest of the Roast!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Charlie's Garden

Not to be outdone by his dad, Charlie also sports a pretty decent sized garden that he gets a bumper crop from! He has tomatos, pole beans, snap peas, new potatos, cukes, squash and a volunteer pumpkin!

He's quite the green thumb too, as evidenced by the photos!

Here he's caught a toad to put in his garden to eat the bad bugs!


pumpkin - volunteer!

the pumpkin has overrun the garden and is taking over the walk area!

And what every great farmer does at the end of the long day: fish!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


For most of you that receive our yearly Christmas letter (minus the one that never got sent last year), you would know that I always ended it by stating "Don needs to be on a farm!" Well, never dreaming it would come true, we now live the farmlife!

He digs in the dirt and does the tilling and planting.... and I'll help w/ the weeding and harvesting and canning. It truly is a family affair!

Don went from 6 raised garden beds in AZ to now a full-fledged 1/2 acre. He's always had a green thumb for growing any seed that he plants. He planted strawberries last year and this year they took off w/ a bang. In just 2 short weeks, I picked enough strawberries to jam/can 5 batches of jam! And froze 5 quarts. And gave away about 5 quarts. And had 3 more gallons that ended up going to the compost pile (they were forgotten in the basement fridge when I was in AZ....) I still have enough pureed and frozen waiting for Tammi to come over to teach her to can jam! exciting!!!

Watch out Philip Morris! Don has his own spread of tobacco plants, courtesy of my great uncle who is a 'bacco farmer! We'll be calling in all favors to harvest the tobacco. We'll need help cutting, sticking, and hanging in the barn. And then when dried, we'll need help w/ the stripping, pressing and packaging off to PM or the local coops... yes, folks, all 11 plants worth! No, really, we're going to do this! dad - grab your ticket now = we'll need the help! LOL

The kids run thru the corn... it's amazing how quickly they disappear and how you can't find them! No wonder ppl hid in cornfields! It's also the cats' fave hang out!

Jode chasing white butterflies in the corn!

Chachie & Don hauling wood for our some-day-to-own Taylor Made Wood Stove.

Kellar exploring 'what lies beneath!'