Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where Has Time Gone?

Wow, it's been 3 weeks since I've blogged. Here's time in a nutshell:

I ended up going back to AZ to help mom out. She developed some clots and will need continued prayers for this! She's on thinners. She has a great mental outlook. Pray that healing continues and she will fully recover!

Between trips to AZ and back to AZ I got to see the girls at their soccer camp. They had a great time and learned a whole bunch. Hannah was on the winning team! Go Hannah!!!!

The last return trip landed me back home on the 4th of July. Fireworks is a must... and it's so great because you can do them in your own backyard! (which is easy when you've got lots of land available!) NO worries about who's driving on the roads... since you're already home!

Hannah and Grace went to camp for the fish and wildlife conservation camp. This is THE most awesome camp ever! They stay on a lake for a week and are constantly going from one activity to the next. They learn certain skills and if they pass the tests, they earn patches for the skills attained. They have the opportunity for swimming, boating safety, archery, hunting (rifle safety), outdoor survival, nature, and I think there is one more.

Last year neither girl got the archery. This year Hannah got it, and she also got the OutdoorsWoman patch. She received a letter stating her name would go in a drawing for the January camp, all expenses paid. This will be for waterfowl sporting. (she's not too keen at all to do that... but it would look great on the resume for college!)

The letter stated only 16% of all campers get this invitation.... 950 out of 6000 statewide! So, we're very proud of her! Pray she gets picked. They must take one adult on the trip... and let's see.... it will be January.... in the water.... it will be cold..... ummm yep - that means dear ol' dad will go!

Also, we learned that Grace is the poster child for their promotions! Last year she caught a trophy sized small mouth bass that measured in at 21.5 inches! anything over 20" is trophy size! So they snapped her photo... and now she's on the postcards, the posters that travel the schools, the lifesize posters that are at FW facilities! We had no idea! So, I called our contact and left a message requesting a 100 or so postcards so we can mail them out to everyone! She is so photogenic!

We had to canx our Pig Roast. That's been rescheduled for the future. I'll put up pix after the fact! We're looking fwd to that!

Oh... we've had a few mishaps... we have yet another mega snapping turtle in our pond. We know it devoured one baby duck... and believe me,the ducks are about full grown sized! And the other day when we were leaving, momma duck was screaming. Charlie ran up to the pond to see the snapper take hold of a ducklings leg... he wopped the snapper w/ a rake. Needless to say, the duckling didn't survive but a few more days. And then Sunday night our saddest of all, momma duck must have got in a tuffle with a baby racoon. We have the trap set once again.

(I forgot to mention that while I was gone to AZ, Don did catch a coon in our trap.... and a few days later, Shadow finished off a juvenile coon.... Shadow....the KoonKiller! whoddathunkit?)

So - to end this one on an upbeat note! The sky is brilliant blue ~ the pond is clear ~ the fish are biting ~ God is faithful...

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