Thursday, May 8, 2008


One of my blogger buds, Shellie, has thrown down a challenge for all her online workout buddies!

So - here's the jest of it all:

We have 6 weeks to bust tail and firm up... we are to take a before and after photo to be posted on our own individual blogs on June 7th. So, make sure to *not* visit my blog at that time! LOL Unless you truly want to be scared of a beached whale! ha

So - for anyone else who is wanting in on this super challenge - join in! It's time for the swimsuit competition to begin!

(now, if I could only look like that!)


Casey said...

All you have to do is get a tan, grow your hair out, and put some hills on.... and shazam.
I do like your pen up girl :)
I need to find one that is pregnant and stick it on mine ha ha ha :) where did you find your girl(s)?

The Rhino Fam said...

Count me in! I saw the cutest suit at the mall the other day. If it is not outrageously priced (which it probably is) I may pick it up. I am going to have to get Kev to help me out, although he would rather try to have baby #2. We all laugh that one of the first thoughts from the A's when they found out about their #2 was "poor Erin, Rhino is not going to leave her alone!" So true...what can I say, I will never have to try and convince my husband to let us have another baby. He is always game, loves babies! Such a eineheimer (as baby charlie used to say).

The Rhino Fam said...

Oh Casey, found a "barefoot and pregnant pin up girl" but it is on a T-shirt. Don't know if that helps! Just google it.

Casey said...

Sweet! Glad you in on the Swimming Suit Challenge.
Where did you find your suit? I can't decide if I want to let it all hang out or if I should get a Tankini. Although I do want to get a tan so i might just stick to the Bikini or both for when I am around family members (in-laws) :) Jenn said she got hers at Target and it sounded really cute. I need a blue one so it will go with my VS shorts. Also, I need to get Ellie one then sign her up for Swimming Lessons. :)
I didn't even think about googling it. I will have to do that and look for a prego one. Wanks Erwin.

shell said...

okay the target ones I felt were made really tiny. so if you do go go up a size. I think I'm getting one at VS although I think J.Crew had some cute ones as well.
Rhino Fam- Check out my site if you want and I'll add you to the list! I'm excited that you're doing this!!!!