Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Cousin is Coming!!!! (and Uncle Too!)

Woo hoo! My cousin, Skelly, is coming thru and stopping off tonight, as he heads up to OH! I'm so excited! And yes, I'm excited that my Uncle Don will be here, as well! RISK, anyone? ;) So, we're going thru the house putting it all in order!
So - let's see - in the last hour my emotions have gone from high to low to high!

High: because I was out helping a new mommy breastfeed and getting to hold the precious baby! Ummmm... that newborn baby smell! It's wonderful!

Low: because on my way home from thus said appt, my dh phones me to say the meat wagon is coming w/n the hour and will be doing part of the processing right on site! (ugh... I'm not a puker, but I about lost all the food I didn't eat today... ) And remember - we all voted she should end up in my freezer!

me... whining saying - let's really just sell her instead - because I think you'll all agree with me - having 2 cows in your freezer is just 1 too many! And she can be sold to make the mortgage payment coming up! IMNSHO!

High: because my uncle just called me saying they'll be here some time tonight!
Let's just say - I can't pull the kids down from the ceiling! They are all so excited!


shell said...

cheri!!! new challenge at my blog!!! CHECK IT OUT!

Casey said...

so like you going to post about your weekend if you played Don in *your* game?!?!?
How Skelly doing? Is he glad to be home? Is he dating that brunette in some of his pic? (shes cute!) Was hoping to see him before he left for OHIO. Oh well... maybe next time he's out here.

KCAimee said...

How'd it go with the meat wagon? I'm intrigued. I thought you were just kidding about the freezer...