Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm still trying to catch up on life's events for the blog! The 4th weekend of March, which happens to be Easter weekend, hundreds of congregations East of the Mississippi gather at 4 different locations for the annual Lads to Leaders (ettes) competition: Orlando, Indi, Memphis and Nashville. This year we took a group of kids from church and they performed very well! Our middle school team placed in the top 5 for team Bible Bowl (Hannah & Grace were both on it). Hannah got 85 out of 100 questions correct for individual Bible Bowl testing, and believe it or not, she didn't score in the top 10! We were for certain she'd place with that! However, the group got 2d place for their group banner! They got awards for knowing the books of the Bible and being able to quote one major highlight of each book! Quite impressive! And Hannah got awarded for reading the entire Bible in a year's time! The photo above is Hannah's entry for the color photo contest. I love it! Many other awards/trophies were given out - but that sums up my kids! If you haven't stayed at Gaylord's Grand Ol' OpryLand Hotel - it's quite impressive! I think we must have walked over 15 miles in the 3 days. And the Hotel is pretty much sold out for our group, which is about 10,000 ppl! The other cool thing for the weekend was Nashville Star tryouts were going on! So, we had great entertainment as the hopefuls would bust out in song to keep their voices warmed up!

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