Sunday, April 20, 2008

Grace! Gracie! Grace C!

What a weekend of soccer! It is in full swing for us - a family of 4 soccer stars. Today's brag bit will be about Grace, because she deserves this! When we moved here, we knew nobody! God blessed us richly, and I mean RICHLY, when he plopped us down next to Angie & Brad and gang! They got us involved in soccer and nobody would believe us that our kids had never played this sport before.

After Grace's first season she was heavily recruited to try out for the girl's select team - which she made the cut. She is one of the smallest peanuts out on the field - but I would never want to tangle against her. She is so tough and fierce and aggressive, never backing down to the competition that may be a whole foot taller than her, let alone outweigh her by 50lbs, too! We get many comments from the other parents on her boldness! I just grin as Don says he knows where she got it from! LOL

Today was her greatest day yet! She scored not only one goal - but two goals - and to top it off her team won! They were machines dominating the whole field!

We're now being 'recruited' to have her a manager and get her going on the Olympic Youth Team, being touted as the next Mia Hamm cuz she's got the look, marketability, skill, speed and that grin she's always been known for: Grinnin' Grace. Whatever... it's up to her! She loves the sport. The refs love her, the crowd loves her and we all love her! We'll see what the future holds in store for her!

The above pix is of Grace and my cousin, Skelly - who *IS* a soccer star!


Cheri w/ a "C" said...

PS - Aimo, if you read this... did you see that I accomplished the hyperlink successfully!!! woo hoo! wanx for your help! Chermo

The Mc Family said...

ya, thats cool. I need to learn that for you all :) One of these days when I have some *FREE* time (not sure what that is anymore).

The Mc Family said...

Grace that is awesome!!! We are proud of your accomplishments! Maybe one of these days, we wil see you on TV and Ellie will yell out, "That's my cousin!!!" :) Love you Grace :)

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

it's really easy - spell out the name, like "Cheri" - then highlight it - click on the green worm looking thing that says "hyperlink" and then type in the site! too cool - and too easy!