Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Man's Usage for a Post-It Note!

I tho't this was funny! My hubby sent it to me! In case you can't read the Post-It... it says "Jane"! That's why I love *MY* hubby so much! not only did he know my maiden name, he knew how to spell it too! and very early on in our relationship, too! Love at first spelling!


shell said...

okay lady be ready I'm thinking of a grand huge challenge. it will knock the socks off of you!

The Rhino Fam said...

And let me just say, spelling and saying that maiden name is no easy task! My poor daughter is probably going to fail preschool because she can't spell her own name!!

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

thank you... shell - waiting for my socks to be knocked off!

and speaking of failing pK - mom likes to tell the story of me coming home from K crying saying, "my teacher feels so sorry for me... because I have so many letters in my name, I have to learn the entire alphabet before I can spell it." do you know - I still have the flip cards w/ the spelling of "it"! do you want your peanut to borrow it? LOL

The Mc Family said...

Erin- Mom made these cards with 2 letters on each of them and one had 3 letters on it. We had to practice putting the cards in the right space each time. Thats how we all learned how to spell our name. Writing it is another story - ha ha ha :)
I will say I have an easy last name to teach the kids how to *spell* it. But surprisingly enough, people still have no idea to spell out last name. Its MC not Mick or Nick. ahhhh!!! come on people. And how hard is BRIDE? Not that hard. ok- im done venting.
Good luck teaching the kids how to spell that lovely long last name with all the letters in the alphabet