Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hannah & Mel @ H's bday ice skating par-tay!

Well, after 13 years of feeling like a chauffeur by driving solo and having my posse hangin in the back seats... my life of front row loneliness is now over. Hannah has taken upon herself to force the issue of riding upfront - calling 'SHOTGUN' - when we are out and about. Can I just say how bizarre this is? Think about it - all those trips to the store, to church services, to outings, to therapies, to wherever in the world we had to go - for the past 13 years I have been solo up front. But not no mo' tho'!

What truly scares me is that next year Grace will by vying for 'SHOTGUN' ~ and let the fighting begin once again! ugh... Thankfully I have one year reprieve!

And just the rest of you wait... once they're sitting upfront with you, blink again, and they'll be the ones doing the driving. AAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!


The Mc Family said...

It is a scary thought...However, think of it like this: You wont have to do ALL the driving (Sports, Piano lessons, Therapies, ETC ETC)- Instead you can make her take the kids and you can stay home *reading* your books, eating Chocolate with a nice glass of wine! :) Now I look forward to that; I guess you can call it a bitter sweet moment.
Enjoy the NO fighting for the year or longer we hope. :)

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

tis true - tis true - I'll have my own chauffeur at that point in time! and then we'll be off to college... time - slow down for me!