Thursday, June 5, 2008

Talkin' About a Heat Wave

We turned our AC unit on yesterday... only to figure out by the end of the afternoon that the house wasn't cooling sufficiently. So bright and early this morning I got on the horn and called up some local companies. The first co. couldn't come out until the end of next week... ugh... I think to myself that this is not looking good. The 2d company I call up can make it out today! Whoo-hooo! We're in bizniz!

At least we were in bizniz until the man showed up and walked in the basement maintentance room and said, "Uh-oh." Not good news... the motor that is barely 8yo is fried up! So, he estimates about a couple M notes to replace - once the part is ordered and gets in here locally and then makes it out to our place. So... no telling when that will happen - we'll get the call later this afternoon!

So - thankfully we own a basement home and that's where we are all hangin out and doing school work (school ends for us on 6-13), and playin' and sleepin' and livin'! We are officially sub-terrainian dwellers!
The cartoon caption might be hard to read. Here's what it says: Witch, "I'm melting." Dorothy and gang reply, "Shut up, we're all hot!"
Everyone cross your fingers that this unit was on a 10y warranty!

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