Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coop Raider

Some of you know that I'm not home right now... I'm in AZ helping care for my mom who has just had a major surgery. My in laws were so kind to come and care for the kids in my absence. While the kids might be crazy at times, I don't think they could hold a match compared to the stunts the animals have pulled since I've been away.

Farm life has many exciting moments: exciting in the way of terror of nature being nature as well as the opposite end of the spectrum of being absolutely rip roaring hilarious! These past few days have been no exception!

Don came home from church Sunday to find a flock of Turkey Vultures in our poultry pen. Well, if you're around us long enough, you'd know that when we see a T.Vulture we scream out, "I'm alive... I'm alive..." as they only feast upon dead things. Evidently the dead thing they found was one of our hens. Turns out we have a creature raiding our coop at night.

Don started the next day by being awakened at 530a by Jode, our newest cat, bringing a gift of fresh, screaming bunny! Jode thought my in laws should dine on such a tasty morsel for breakfast. But, instead, Jode was shocked to have Don chasing him down the basement, as the baby bunny is screaming his head off! (if you didn't know bunnies made noise... have no doubt they can be LOUD!) Don retrieved thus said bunny and cat, banned them from the house and started his day a bit behind schedule.

He headed off to the barn to learn the coop raider came back that night for his 2d course to dine upon, Hen Head... ummm... quite a delicacy (NOT). This creature also took on our Rooster with head to tail combat. Don ended up doctoring the rooster w/ hydrogen peroxide and bag balm, not believing the rooster would survive. Needless to say this cocky rooster has been taken down several pegs and has one tail feather remaining and very little beard about his neck! But was found crowing the next morning...

That evening, not to be outdone by Jode, Baby, our precious kitty, thought so highly of my in laws as to bring them a headless mouse for dinner! He was stopped on the deck with the cat door being blocked off! I'm certain he got quite huffy on everyone refusing his gift!

By the time I come home, who knows which animals will be left on the farm... guess when momma's gone, nobody is safe!


Becky K said...

I am not a country girl hehe. I will stick to the city. I would cry if something killed my animal. Poor rooster but good on him.

Casey said...

Farm Life is most definantly different then City Life. As much as I don't like anything dying, especially my animals/babies, I would take Farm Life over City Life any given day.... Only one thing stopping me, my HD. Oh well.... he did promise me one day we will have land- just don't know when or where. But life on the farm can be quite comical, too. :)