Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Put Me in Coach!

I promised a few weeks back I'd have Charlie's baseball pix uploaded! So, here are some shots from a recent game. Again, he's the youngest and smallest player out there. However, everytime he gets up to hit, mission accomplished! Probably 9 out of 10 times, he hits the first ball out of the pitching machine! It doesn't matter if the ball is high, low, inside, or outside... he just smacks it! His coach wonders if he has a ball magnet inside his bat... I just inform them that he plays ball with me in the back... and that this is by far my worst sport. So, when I pitch, he gets them hi, low, in and outside! He just swings at them all! It's real cute to watch him out there. Some of the parents refer to him as the "Field General" as he's calling out plays and where each of the guys needs to be located - depending upon the hitter! This guy is typically very quiet and content and laid back... however when it comes to sports - he must take after his momma.... the fire of competition ignites and there's no putting it out! There's no option but to win! : )


Casey said...

I love those pictures of him. Especially the last one. To cute of him. And he says he isn't a *INE-HEIM-ER!* I would beg a differ.... :)

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

he's very much an "Ein-hi-mer"

Skells said...

haha... that is great! tell the lil guy to keep bein the general! i will see him with the Dbacks someday!