Friday, June 6, 2008

DeJaVu - It's a Ford

We're heading off to meet up w/ friends from church who have out-of-town guests and heading to the KY Horse Park when all of a sudden they brake in front of me - and my Excursion refuses to brake! Instead the RPMs fly past 3000 and I'm fighting against the accelerator still flying over 30, standing on top of the brakes. NO GO! so, my body flies into learned behavior from my early 90s of owning a Mustang that did something quite similar. I swerve to the shoulder, throw it up into Neutral and shut off the engine and quickly coast into a gas station parking lot! Call the dealership - and by the end of the day, NOTHING comes up on the diagnostics - no errors - no worries (according to them) - no problem (still, according to them.) No theories as to what went haywire with my loaded gun.

Can I just say that when I was in my late teens, early 20s and this sort of thing occurred with my Mustangs (yes - it happened w/ more than 1) - I was still invinsible then. I was single. I had no kids. I had no responsibilities. I had no worries. This time, this was WAY different! Not only did I have my 4 precious kiddos, I had another friend's son. Plus, I'm in the biggest family vehicle known to mankind... the Excursion. What a huge missile.

So - I told the kids... so be it! We spent $89 for this diagnostic thingy to be done... but the way I normally look at getting stopped at red lights, or stuck behind a tractor out on our country roads or having to yield for a train (we don't mess w/ those!).... I just chalk it up to God protecting us from some serious harm!

If I had to live thru my yute w/ those Mustangs in order to not plow over our friends in front of us... so be it... God provides... He protects.... I pray Psalm 91 many a time each week... Lord protect our household and those we love.. send your angels around us to lift our heels, so we don't strike it upon a rock.... (or in our case... our loved ones).

Charlie under the sign of a horse w/ the same name.

Here's a Shetland Pony with her baby who is about 2mos old!

These pix above & below are so funny. This horse kept sticking his tongue out!

Grace was able to get this horse to open his lips... too funny!

We did end up making it to the Horse Park, after the many morning obstacles were overcome. Here are just a few of the photos. I'll throw up another post with more pix later.

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Casey said...

Loved the pony picture... too cute! :) One day One day, Ellie will have one, and ME TOO!!!! And of course the kids are always cute.
Ellie likes Renees lighter horse. Not sure if its because he is a little bit smaller and blonde or what. But she likes whats his name.