Thursday, June 19, 2008

Long Day

Today we got to bring my mom home from the hospital. It's a huge relief and prayer answered to getting her back on the road to recovery! Please continue to hold her in prayer for full recovery... and that once she's feeling better, that she'll limit her activities to 'doctor-approved' activities... ie - not lifting or holding the g-babies!

I learned that in my absence today - back on the farm my mil took the kids swimming again, while my fil cleaned the fridge! While I'm so grateful for that act of kindness, it is completely and utterly humbling! However, I will say, with 7 sets of hands going in and out of the big box... it doesn't take long for spills and thrills to happen... and get lost in the crowd in the shuffle of milk and catsup and 20 different types of mustard and breads from around the world, not to mention the countless opened cubes of real butter. Thanks Boboo!

No news on the rooster, but Don did come up with one more farm cliche': "he's a tough ol' bird." I hadn't tho't of that one until this 'coop raider' fought the rooster, and hopefully lost!

I'm bone tired. I'm crawling into bed next to mom to play Nurse Hatchett all evening. I've got their cat begging to be pet... and I've no energy.

Silent Night folks.

ps... if any words are mispelled, it's spell-checker's fault, it's not functioning either!


Casey said...

hey- i believe we were both posting at the same time. Can you say adicts!!! :) mispelled words, yor a RHINEHEIMER- its normall. tee-hee-hee :)
Thanks for taking care of her. I feel comforted knowing your her nurse for however long. Thanks Sista. :) Ellie willing and Mom, too we will see you tomorrow.
PS- Words of wisdom: SLEEP When the *BABY* is sleeping. :) I wise 'ol lady once told me that.

KCAimee said...

Lots of prayers for Mom (and her nurse) from KC!

KCAimee said...

Ahh, the refrigerator, a dirty place I know well!!! I would die of shame if my MIL could take a peek at my fridge on its worst days!! My DH (bless his heart), usually gets disgusted before me and wipes up the spills & unknown gunk.