Thursday, June 19, 2008

Farm Antics

Charlie, Kellar, Bo - last summer

Hannah on BoomErRang

The cousins with their Gparents! (last summer)

The cousins together in March.*

Life on the farm. What could be better? My crew tells me how much they miss me each time we talk on the phone. I've asked if they've missed me as their maid or their mama! They assure me it's as their mama.

Last night our neighbors came down on horseback. J, B, & J each on their own horse. They're helping us 'finish' training Star. Grace saddled up Star and away they went in our paddocks. As they went to the front of the property, the cows followed behind curiously. When the horses turned around, the cows tho't they were being chased, so they took off running. At one point, Steve the Steer, got his head caught in a "V" of a tree. Grace said that he eventually broke free and had bark all over it.

Dory, our cow that jumps over the moon, decided to be precocious and boldly approach MoonMan, J's horse. She's trained him to take a few steps backwards and then he rears up. So, MoonMan did this to Dory. Grace said Dory came out of her hide! She was so freaked out, that she ran off to hide. Put her in her place, I'd say!

I miss my kiddos, I miss my hubby, I miss my home/farm/way of life. It's wonderful to be with my family here in Hot Country, but after a week of 110*+, I'm fried!

Mom thinks she may have a broken rib. This would be a huge set back post-op. So, we'll see what will happen as far as me coming home. Continue to hold her in prayer.

*When you look at the tree pix... look on the upper right portion of the trunk. Tell me, does that not look like Baloo, the Bear, from The Jungle Book!!!!

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. said...

how you getting all these pictures? Are they off of Moms computer? Either way, they are cute.
Thats to funny about your cows. Hope they got a picture of Steve in the tree. That would be funny to see.