Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Catch of the Day: Part II

Life is busy these days, so I'm just going to throw on some more fish fotos with a couple of turtle shots, too! Hope you enjoy!

And remember, fishing on private ponds is a privilege... always ask the homeowner before wetting your line! (ha - just had to say that because the kids watch the Game & Fish Program every Saturday night, and that's how the program ends!)

Charlie with a box turtle that he found and released in our woods.

Don with a snapping turtle that he caught with his home-made trap! Our friend's mother cooked her up and ate her - said she was mighty tasty! (not too sure about that!)

My dad and his crappie! It was a keeper that night!
It was a fish fry when the family came out! Don, Charlie, Papa, Grace, & TanTan

Here's more pix of the fish that made it to the fryer! Zach, Kellar, Charlie & Tan!


Casey said...

It just hit me that Ellie didn't go fishing while we were there. She probably would have sat for a few min. Oh well - Next time I guess!! :)
OK- need to go outside. El is asking very sweetly to go out and we just stuck on her *SOES!!*

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

too cute... we've been having a parade of ppl come over to fish... bring El on over! she'll be guaranteed to catch a fish!