Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Work Out!

Don & I decide to do something for our hearts this past Valentine's Day, so we got a Treadmill. We've been bustin' tail on it for the past few weeks and I can say that I've built up some stamina and done some toning. As I sit down to type this up, Kellar decided to hop on and proceed to run 1.33 miles - yes - miles in less than 10 minutes - without really breaking a sweat. Can I just say that I can't walk 1.33 miles in 15 minutes! As he shuts it off, he walks away saying, "Wow, Mom, I feel like a brand new man!" (snort... and now I feel really really old and decrepit)!

One of my blog buddies from Get Stronger Stay Stronger threw down a challenge to the cheering section to maintain our goal for the week and reward ourselves for a job well-done (read: no cheating on the goal!) So - for purposes of being held accountable for my end of the bargain, I'm laying it on the line: 4x of 30min Treadin' w/ minimum 6 min of running included, and 2x of Yoga with my dh! My reward: not getting out of bed til 9a on Saturday! (may sound lame to some of you... but to me.... sleep is wonderful for the insomniac!)

For once in my life I can say that the # on the scale isn't my big concern. Instead, it's how rapidly I'm approaching 40 and can feel the years aching away on my body! I need to be in the best of health - for myself, for my hubby, for my kids, and for the Lord! I come from a long line of women who die at an old age... I don't want to die "old".... so, it's up to me to make the change!

Here's to YOGA tonight!


The Mc Family said...

Go you!!! :)
I need to start walking/jogging, too! I need to get in shape for September. Ellie loves the out doors, and with it being so nice out side, it is my new goal. Every day, before nap time, to the school (1/2 mile) and back.

I will help you hold your bargain, you help me with mine... :)

Love you
Love me

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

OK... so what is your reward for maintaining your end of the bargain??? love you - c2

The Mc Family said...

my reward- getting NO SLEEP!!! ha ha ha :)
ummm.... what I want cost... I can't say sleep in, or go to bed early. Nor can I say, not doing house work, or laundry, or getting a pet (bc who knows where we will live). I don't like sweets (right now).... i guess looking good for Eric, being healthier for my family and God would do it....
ok- this cost but its something that I want to do before September comes. I want a facial!!! so, unless I hold up my end of the bargain I wont get one. That will be a good motivation, because I want a day to myself before she/he comes. :) Cause I wont get one for another year or longer. :/
Love you ~ CM

kcaimee said...

Go Chermo!!