Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Socialization" Part I

As homeschoolers we often get the question regarding "what about socialization?" Hello - we're a family of 6... we live with each other day in and day out! We are around people of all walks of life, from all demographics... from piano, to therapies, from church services, to soccer practices & games, from helping out with neighbors, to caring for the elderly, from weekly library visits, to eating out, from shopping, to --- you get the point! We have 5 cats and 2 dogs - all indoor/outdoor (obviously)! So - we're not lacking for opportunity! Thankfully we're not 'forced' to stay within the confines of people in our own age bracket! So - what's the concern?

I can honestly say that most of my dear friends are older than myself! These seasoned friends have lived life; they have much to impart to the rest of us! They've BTDT - they generally have no pretenses! I also have friends who are around my age or at least in the same place in life (ie: got kids!?!) This group reminds me that I'm not alone in my quest of raising up the next generation of leaders. And lastly, I have friends that are younger than me: in age, maturity (some may beg to differ), and place in life. This would be the group that keeps me young and current - or should I say "hip"! This is what makes real society - this is what represents true social life - this is where we all get true socialization.

Besides that... if not for homeshooling, where else could you attempt to do academics with a cat trying to be the center of attention! If learning came thru osmosis of sleeping on books, then Baby would have to be the smartest cat who ever lived! His sister, Lucy, would be next!

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