Monday, March 10, 2008


Kellar, our son, is our resident comedian and expert comic relief! He can come up with the craziest, most unbelievable stories and weave them so intricately that they really sound plausible! (I'll add his prior stories on slow days!) The ones that occurred yesterday goes like this:

We're at pot luck after church. It's Emily's b-day - her actual b-day! So, her mom asks Kellar how old he is, to which he replies, "I'm six AND A HALF and my b-day is July 30." So, Tammy states, "Wow, that means you were born the same year as Emily, 2001! Right?" And Kellar looks at her and states, "No, Silly! I just told you my birthday is July 30." So, she saves composure and suggests he come and ask me what year he was born, because he just wasn't buying that his birth date was "2001"! Imagine my relief that he didn't call her anything else!

So fast fwd to her telling me the above story and then adding the following:
Kellar also told Tammy that he was so sad because he's lost three things: his tooth, his cat, and his go-cart. Tammy asked him how he "lost" each item and gets to the go-cart, wondering how in the world he could loose something so large. So he states, "Well, I didn't actually loose it. I just don't have one yet. Nobody will buy it for me!" (thanks for showing him them, mom and dad!) Let's get him riding the dirt bike and learning safety on that before we unleash him with a go-cart!

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