Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Semi-Off Line

Hello to my devoted readers.... as you may have noticed, I haven't kept current on posting or commenting with you. Reason is... we're on dial up... with ATT... & my dh HATES ATT with a passion. So, we've been searching to find another internet provider - but we've found that we're considered 'out in the country.' And despite all those so-called 'out in the country' provider's commercials - they lie!!!! We're 6 miles from town... 15 miles from the state capitol and we can't get anything but ATT hi speed.... I hope you hear the frustration in my voice.

So, here I sit at the local library typing to you all. If anyone has any tho'ts or suggestions (that are affordable) - LMK!!!


Shellie said...

I had to go through library days too. But I got kicked out of the library because Kate my 18 month old was making too much noise. I hope you can get high speed soon!

kcaimee said...

I miss your posts...wish I had a good suggestion for hi-speed.

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

ack... can you tell i haven't been to the local library in a week... this is my weekly jaunt here while the girls are at piano! so much has happened this week... where to begin???? thx for your support blog-galfriends!