Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring is in the Air

Can I just say that today is the first day we have seen the sun in days and days... who knows, perhaps over a week even! Not that I'm too keen on the sun, as it just gets in your eyes anyways! (I have light sensitivity... thus the black background on my blog!) But it's great - more so, because we have warmer temps - around our seasonal norm! FINALLY!!! Don's been out planting the beginnings of our orchard: 3 different apple varieties, 2 peaches, a plum and the pecan! So, in a few years we should be harvesting and canning some yummy, healthy, organic! treats! The boys have been out helping him - along with taking the dirtbike out for a drag! Charlie is so cute flying up and down the long drive. Kellar is still timid about it - but I'm thinking this will be his year! So, I'm outta the basement - off the 'puter - and into the wild blue yonder! Happy Springing! (ps... the meteorologist stated that we may be in for the worst snow storm ever this weekend, anticipating 20" of snow... well... I've got my books lined up and my chocolate in reserves! and the kids are ready to sled)

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Shellie said...

You know my favorite thing is home canned peaches! I love to warm them up a little bit in the micro and then pour some milk over them. Peaches and Cream :)