Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon???

OK.. So, you've noticed it's been a week since I've posted. Sigh... I'm researching providers... cross your fingers! So much has happened this past week, but I think I'll start by updating what happened this morning!

When you homeschool - you can't always be prepared for a dulldrum type of day, especially while living on a "Gentleman's Farm!" Ha! I say that TIC (tongue in cheek, so you won't have to google that one, Aimo!) So, this morning we're sitting at the dining room table (which also serves as our 'desks', our animal surgical table, our breakfast and lunch table... it's actually a beautiful piece of furniture - despite the many 'hats' it wears!) Anyway, we notice that the cows and horses are looking really, really odd out in the pens. At one point Hannah notices a 'person' walking behind our barn. And an hour later, Kellar is up in his room, 2d floor, and yells out, "The cow is out of the fence and in our neighbor's back pasture!!!"

This sends us moving! We throw on our outdoor gear and grab a bucket of sweet feed. Sure enough, Dory - Moo's daughter (will be significant in another story) is out there eating the tall, green grass on the other side of the fence. After 45m of coaxing her, she decides to follow Grace back to the pen for some hay!

Meanwhile, we searched the whole fence line and NOTHING is down. There are no broken fence posts, wires, or E-wire. We can only surmise that she literally jumped over the common fence - which is about 5 feet in height! Something that would be genetic, handed down from her mother! She's not even a year old! Sigh... it's time for this gene pool to be eliminated! Honery - honery critter!!! We'll have to go look again to see if we can find black cow fur hanging off the barbed wire!!!

So, in case you look out tonight and see a black cow - stunningly beautiful (yes, she truly is!!!) jumping over the moon - most likely, it will be our Dory!


kcaimee said...

Reminds me of how Brandy (the dog, not the friend) used to jump over the baby gates. Some animals are just blessed with amazing physical capabilities. Stupid pet tricks anyone?

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

rthis is just the beginning of her stupid pet tricks... unfortunately