Friday, March 7, 2008

Ol' Man Winter Meet Young Girl Sunshine

Well - soccer season has officially started, but it appears that we're still seeing Mr. Winter! So much for Grace's soccer game this weekend! They're predicting up to a foot of snow! woo hoo!!!! That'll be awesome for a family of former desert dwellers! So, while PS kids get 'snow days'.... mine still have to crack the books! (I know, Mean Mom! I win!) However, my kiddos still get plenty of time for 'recess' as seen above, and they don't have to make up for loss of school for snow days! You'll find me observing them from the warmth of my living room, sipping homemade hot chocolate with a spritz of peppermint! ummmm yummmm!
(ps... to my fellow work-out buddies.... I'm staying the course! keep on, keeping on!)


The Mc Family said...

SNOW?!?!?! Good thing I have snow gear for Ellie!! :) And Kinley if she needs it. :) I am looking forward to a cold winter/spring.
Hey! you figured out the picture thing. Go you! :) Love the pictures... Keep sending them.

I will find my camera and start sticking the *new* pictures of Ellie on there, along with her first time seeing the SNOW!!!
Love ya~ Love CM

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

I know - Kudos to me for figuring it out (thx to you for telling me there is an icon for inc. pix!!) Hopefully it will be pix perfect weather by month-end! Love you back!