Monday, February 18, 2008

Strike One for the Tooth Fairy

Charlie asks me last night during church to wiggle his tooth. It barely moved. I swear! Then a few moments later he says, "Mom, something just snapped." "Good," I'm thinking to myself. That's a start. So afterwards he comes to me with a PT and asks me to pull it - right there in the aisle with everyone milling about. So, I sort of brush it aside, still thinking there's no way this tooth is ready - we've got a week minimum to work on it. But, I dutifully go thru the motions of wiggling this tooth back and forth and on the second back and forth, it snaps out of there like a rubberband! So - fast forward to later that night. We say prayers, sing lullabyes and exchange kisses and lights go out. Don and I head downstairs to watch the weather and head off to bed - early for once! neither of us giving a second thought to the fact that our ecstatic son is anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy's visit!

Now - putting this in perspective, this is the 3d tooth he's lost. However, the first two were pulled by the dentist because the permanent ones were coming in behind, like a shark, and he'd have wound up having two rows of teeth. So, we're talking - he's REALLY excited - for - his - first - pulled by mom - tooth! So, now we FF to morning as he crawls in bed beside me. I cautiously open one eye and see the "Tooth Fairy Pillow" - knowing it's empty! - and see the most puzzled, yet hurt face on my sweet baby boy! What a schmuck I am. I mean, really! Let's face it - my oldest is about to lose her last of baby teeth, my next in line is almost done, too! I know the drill - I've been down this Fairy business road before. My pixie dust has taken flight. And yet - I deliver the crushing blow to my son. He wants to know "Why????" So, I think fast... oh yes - here's a good one, "Charlie, you know the strong winds we had last night? Well, the Tooth Fairy is so light & tiny that she would have been blown right past our house. But I'm certain she'll come tonight!" (as I tie a string around my finger to remind myself... ok... it's modern day - I set the alarm on my cell phone to go off at 11p in order for me to don my Tooth Fairy costume and fly up the stairs with money and treats galore!)

Seriously - let's be honest here. I've forgotten with Hannah and Grace, too - but NEVER during the time they still believed in me, I mean believed in the Tooth Fairy. Flog me with a wet noodle. Wish me luck that Verizon has good connection tonight so my alarm will go off!


kcaimee said...

This has been a much discussed subject amongst my girlfriends and for future reference, a good one to use is to hide the $ in your hand while feeling all around under the pillow or under the covers, where you "find" the money that must have gotten shifted around by a restless sleeping child...or sometimes, the $ can even fall behind the headboard or mattress (wink, wink), only to be found by a clever Mommy or Daddy who thinks to look there!

kcaimee said...

LOVE the header!!! That picture makes me want to visit - NOW!! Watch out Don; here I come!!

Tammy M. said...

So glad you are back in blogland. The tooth fairy has had many problems at our house. I love that Derek doesn't believe any more and he just shows me his tooth, I grab my wallet and give him a buck. That's my kind of tooth fairy.