Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grace the Horse Whisperer

After getting to meet many of the neighbors in last week's Great Escape, we received an early morning phone call stating our white horses are out - again! Nervously, I look in the back and see them both grazing - so I shake the cobwebs out of my brain and really listen to the phone caller giving me directions as to where his wife spotted the horse. This other 'escapee' happens to belong to our dear friends. So, I throw on my Carhartt bibs, as do the kids, and we load up a bucket of sweet feed, a halter, and a lead rope. Sure enough, MoonMan has escaped and is happily grazing in his backyard! Grace grabs the equipment from the truck. Bold as brass walks up to him and throws the gear on him, snaps the lead in place and leads him to his stall in the barn. She's such a little peanut - with no fear! Obviously the horses know this, as they melt like butter when she's around!


kcaimee said...

You have to do the look-alike meter on Kellar. He is Mini-Don for sure!!

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

that's a no-brainer on the look-alike with Kell! Although, for the first time EVER - someone told me about 2m ago that Kellar looked "just like me!" ha -- she hadn't met Don yet. wonder if she'd still think that after seeing those two together!

kcaimee said...

Great job on the pix! I love them all, but the one of the whole family is AWESOME!!