Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Longer A Baby - Hannah Turns 12

Today is the big day! My firstborn turned 12 at exactly 11:38am, twelve years ago today! The joke then was "Cheri, hold off 12.5h and you can have a LeapYear Baby!" Bad joke then, but would have been cool had it worked out that way! So, earlier this week Hannah came down at like 1130p to ask me if I wanted to pull her last baby tooth! Such a bittersweet Kodak moment. You know me - grab the paper towel and away I tug! $10 later (the price of the last tooth!) she's back up to bed! At least the Tooth Fairy didn't have a chance to forget this all-important event!

Anyway. Hannah! What can I say! I'm so amazed by her. She's a brilliant child... er... tween, and is growing to become such an incredible young lady. She is so kind and thoughtful. She has the ability to truly hear what is being said to her and will file the information away for future reference! This is a good thing, as so many kids today think they know it all! (didn't we know it all back then, too?)

At the time of writing, her interests and hobbies include: collecting musical snow globes, reading, singing, reading, playing piano, reading, writing poetry, reading, playing with babies (the real, live ones), reading, plowing over opponents on the soccer field, reading, using precise language, reading, giving "The Look", reading, training her cat (ha), reading. And did I mention that her nose is always in a book? One last thing. Hannah loves the ocean! She is an awesome swimmer. I'm sure she'll be on a swim team here soon! She takes to the waves like a fish in water. Don thinks it's because she was born in water (on purpose!). She's been preparing me for the day she leaves home, because she claims she's moving to the beach. I believe it, too.

Thank you Lord, for my first little girl! I love you, Sweet Pea!

Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days. William Shakespeare

I never knew a girl who was ruined by a good book! James Walker


The Mc Family said...

my little niece is growing up. and I feel like you (a dush bag). I kept telling myself to call her but I was waiting for uncle Eric to call her with me. And then as I am brushing my teeth I realized we didn't call. So I promise when E gets home we will be calling her.

Did you get your package?
Love you and miss you all
Love all the pictures! :) Glad you were able to stick them on.

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

you should feel like a schmuck! welcome to reality tho... hope your teeth are clean! ttys - and yes - H got the package & sporting the necklace and earrings!