Saturday, February 16, 2008

Down 2 Lives & None to Spare

This past Monday, we inherited a new cat. As most of you know, "Strays R Us!" Our neighbor, Len, realized after 20m that Bubba, the local bully dog, was racing around her pool. She discovered a cat bobbing for life in the frozen iced waters. Fortunately for her, he was too weak to put up a fight during rescue, and fortunately for him, he had more lives to live, as he was down 2 in a matter of minutes: escaping the jowls of Bubba and not sinking like the Titanic. Now Jode, as he's been named, is doing what cats do best ~ catnapping! Our God is good. He knew how sad we've been over the disappearance 2 wks hence of one of our other cats, Ba-Juliet. In recognition of both of these furry family members, I am reminded of my favorite poem in book form... as Ba-Juliet was the best and most creative of cat-nappers!

An Ode to Ba-Juliet and Jode:

CATS SLEEP ANYWHERE by Eleanor Farjeon
~Cats sleep anywhere ~ any table ~ any chair ~ top of piano ~ window ledge ~ in the middle ~ on the edge ~ open drawer ~ empty shoe ~ anybody's lap will do ~ fitted in a cardboard box ~ in the cupboard with your frocks ~ anywhere ~ they don't care ~ cats sleep anywhere! ~

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kcaimee said...

I LOVE your profile! It suits you to a "T". I'm so happy you're joining the blog're a natural for this!